a self portrait in the reflection of an elevator wall and some farm country

pictures of someone else’s artwork (creepy-eyed-marble edition)

pictures of someone else’s artwork (not-marble edition)

not pictures of someone else’s artwork

beans @ the cincinnati art museum

Here we go, with the SLR Magic 25mm T0.95.  It arrived today so, after dinner, we went for a ride in search of snaps.  It was cloudy, and near sunset with diffuse but dim sunlight.  All of these shots were taken with the aperture wide open.  You don’t buy a hyperprime to shoot at f5.6.  Sharpness is pretty good, wide open, which you can see in Marcia’s hair and the constellation of cheese crackers.  The vignetting is significant as soon as you are focusing more than 10 feet away but, honestly, i think that is forgiveable at such a wide stop.  Purple halos and chromatic aberrations are there, but not as bad as I feared they might be.  For a first test, I’m quite pleased.  I think this lens and I are going to be great friends.  

P.S.  While we waited for the train to go by, I noticed the lady in the car behind us was taking a photo of the back of our car.  From the angle, I’m assuming it was the plate, not the star wars family stickers, that caught their interest.  I decided to reciprocate, because his big messy red ice cream cone was hilarious.

we got the new Rokinon 85mm f1.4 today yesterday.  i haven’t had a chance to take it anywhere fun.  here’s a picture of beans waiting while we get our taxes prepared last night and some snaps from around work, this morning.

My Dad gave me an old Rikenon PK-mount 70-210.  I didn’t use it, at first, because I had an OM mount Rokinon 70-200 already.  It turns out that the Rokinon had probably been abused before I got it.  Even though it looked great… internally, things were not aligned, so I bought a K mount adapter and gave Dad’s Rikenon a try.  Most of my zoo pics from 10 days ago were taken with it.  It’s not especially sharp but, with focus peaking, I like the pictures that come out of it.  However, under certain coordinates of distance, aperture, and lighting the chromatic aberrations go BONKERS.  Felicitously, if you convert the pictures to black and white (I pretty much always shoot in color with the intention of converting to black and white because i don’t want to carry red and green filters with me, and switch between them) those chromatic aberrations become surreal.  Some of my favorite pictures are accidental throwaway crap so.. what the hell?!

white balance woes.  these insects were in cabinets that were subject to three separate light sources, once of which (ambient natural light from the windows) was highly variable.  as a result, the white balances were to difficult for me to resolve with the time that i had.  i just decided to ride dirty.  i left one in color so you could see what i’m talking about.  the rest i decided to convert to monochrome.  i thought they were nicer in a gentle sepia than a stark grey scale.  i know i said that i’d posted the last of the pictures from the Burpee museum but, in all honesty, i never thought i would post these.  i like them, though, even if they aren’t at all what i had in mind when i put the f2.8 macro on my camera and stepped up to the glass.

at the cincinnati zoo, in color.  the flamingos were lazy.  the emu was mangey.  the camel had a mullet edina’s high school hocky team would envy, and we met a very charming own who, it seems, speaks esperanto and whose pupils, unlike most nipples, do not work as a team.

at the cincinnati zoo in monochrome.  zebra stripes look great on zebras… not so much on tight pants, but on zebras?  fughetaboutit

the last of the Burpee Museum

grandma’s house.. no mom, you aren’t in the shot *lie*